Service Starts with a Smile

Before entering the hotel, you’ll first be greeted by the friendly smile from the doorman. After entering, you’ll see the magnificent European style spiral staircase and our large screen with Chinese calligraphy. Here, memories of travel and accommodation have spanned culture and time for nearly half a century, with the same dedication and intention of “service” still being felt in every touching moment.

In 2001, GLORIA PRINCE HOTEL Taipei officially formed an alliance with Seibu Group from Japan and became one of the chain hotels of PRINCE Hotel worldwide. It possesses not only the quality of an international hotel, but also a deep-rooted historical sentimentality. The strongest cultural feelings and the most satisfying services come from the heart and are displayed in every interaction. With our long-lasting style of management, our expectation is to make the people in Taiwan -- “Taiwan's most beautiful scenery” -- a part of our guests’ best memories of traveling here.

Located in a district of Taipei where new and old cultures blend, the hotel is close to the centuries-old Dadaocheng area and the Museum of Contemporary Art. One can witness the cultural development of Taipei, as well as experience the vibrant Japanese legacies in the neighborhood. The hotel itself is also an elegant art palace, with hundreds of masterpieces from abroad and within Taiwan. These include paintings and crafts in the lobby, hallways, corridors and even corners of guest rooms. arranged for our guests’ enjoyment.

As years have gone by, GLORIA PRINCE HOTEL Taipei only becomes more enchanting and distinctive, as if it was a longtime old friend of yours who always treats you with sincerity and starts every interaction with a smile.


369, Linsen N. Road, Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan

T:+886 2 2581 8111

F:+886 2 2581 5811

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Special Offers

Multiple offers of accommodation, dining and banquets will satisfy all needs. Our 50 years of hotel experience ensure professionalism and attention to details.

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