The French word “L’IDIOT” originally means “Idiot”, as another meaning of the word “donkey”. Why the restaurant was named “L’IDIOT” was simple: we want the restaurant to be a place where visitors can let go of all their troubles and just be naive, insouciant, even a little silly, and gladly be a dumb “donkey”.

Insisting on hand-making and presenting various delicacies with natural, fresh flavors, it is L’IDIOT’s only wish that every guest here can leave all worries behind and eat freely, laugh loudly, and cheers light-heartedly in this atmosphere full of stories. Just like the happy donkey trotting leisurely with eyes closed at the entrance of the restaurant.

July Limited Takeout Menu

Restaurant location: 1st Floor
Reservations: +886 903 393 098

Details on access and parking information please refer to the bottom part of the front page.

Operating Hours : Lunch 12:00~13:30 │ Dinner 17:00~19:00 │ Cafe 11:00~22:00

Special Offers

Multiple offers of accommodation, dining and banquets will satisfy all needs. Our 50 years of hotel experience ensure professionalism and attention to details.

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