The five banquet halls, each with distinctive design ingenuity, are suitable for either Chinese or Western feasts. Elegant, spacious venues, they will meet every host’s needs for banquet spaces.

Rose Hall, Orchid Hall
With contemporary business facilities, these halls are ideal for small to medium-sized banquets or conferences. The lounge area where guests can gather for pre-event drinks makes it the best choice for small gatherings.
Capacity: accommodates about 5 tables for Chinese banquets.

Grand Ballroom
Located on the 3rd floor, this ballroom is grand and gorgeous with its elegant and majestic European style. It is the best option for big banquets.
Capacity: accommodates about 18 tables for Chinese banquets.

Gloria Chamber
Located on the 2nd floor, Gloria Chamber is suitable for middle-sized banquets with its glamorous crystal chandeliers, stained glass and wood flooring.
Capacity: accommodates about 8 tables for Chinese banquets.

Fortune & Jade Hall
These halls can be separated into two or combined into one large space, making them perfect for conferences.

Details on access and parking information please refer to the bottom part of the front page.

Special Offers

Multiple offers of accommodation, dining and banquets will satisfy all needs. Our 50 years of hotel experience ensure professionalism and attention to details.

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