2022 Easy Travel Domestic Tourist Accommodation Subsidy Program

​In response to the central government's subsidy activities, the hotel participates in the 2022 Easy Travel Domestic Tourist Accommodation Subsidy Program All projects announced on the hotel's official website can be applied for subsidy discounts, but cannot be used in combination with other preferential activities.

1. The activities are as follows

1. Event period:From July 15, 2022 to December 15, 2022.
2. Activity target:Individual domestic tourists(individual tourists)
3. Activities and reservation notices
(1)Subsidized accommodation hours:Applicable on weekdays(Sunday to Thursday)from 7/15 to 12/15. Subsidy is not applicable dates:Friday, Saturday and consecutive holidays(9/9~9/11, 10/8~10/10)
(2)Domestic tourists can log in to relevant information with their ID number and enjoy a discount of NTD 800 per room per room. If the passenger himself is fully vaccinated with three doses of the vaccine, an additional NTD 500 can be added, and the total maximum single-time discount can be reduced to NTD1,300 per room.(Passengers must upload relevant information to the event area in advance)
(3)Domestic travelers need to make reservations directly with the hotel(by phone, official website, email or fax)to apply for the subsidy. Those who book rooms for groups, or indirectly book rooms through other methods such as travel agents, domestic and foreign OTAs, or use accommodation coupons, discount coupons, and bonus redemption methods are not applicable.
(4)Activity quota:The activity will be completed until the budget is used up. The main query is whether the subsidy quota is still available or not on the day of hotel check-in.

2. Project Offers

If you stay for more than 2 consecutive nights(inclusive), you can enjoy 15% discount on the room rate for the second night or more.
Project Limits:
(1)Only a maximum of three consecutive nights are accepted, and this special offer is not applicable to the fourth night (inclusive).
(2)This bonus offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions(ex:Home is with you plan), and cannot be used to accumulate Asia Miles.

Package Period
2022/07/15 - 2022/12/15

Special Offers

Multiple offers of accommodation, dining and banquets will satisfy all needs. Our 50 years of hotel experience ensure professionalism and attention to details.

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