Whole Duck Feast NT$4,800+10%

Chiou Hwa Whole Duck Feast NT$4,800+10% (for 8 people)


Marinaded & fried duck platter(Marinaded & fried duck head, duck neck) (Medicinal braised duck feet, duck wings)
Thai style assorted salad(Duck liver salad, duck gizzard, duck intestine)
Fried crispy king oyster mushroom in duck egg yolk paste

Main course

Sliced duck in pineapple bun & whole wheat wrap(Pineapple buns, whole wheat wraps)
Minced water chestnut and duck meat & romaine lettuce
Spicy sautéed duck bones with fried garlic
Fried seasonal vegetable with duck oil and garlic
Rice cake with duck meat and dried small shrimps
Simmered duck bone congee with tangerine peel
Stewed duck bone soup with leaf mustard
Handmade duck egg yolk pudding


*Every guest will be charged NT$60+10% for tea.
*This promotion is not applicable for events with restaurant buyout or in private rooms.
*This promotion is not to be combined with any other offers, packages issued by the company.
*This promotion is for dine-in only, provide limited everyday and is not applicable on takeouts.
*The restaurant reserves the right to make final explanation and change terms and conditions of this promotion and related goods and services.

Package Period
2019/01/01 - 2021/06/30

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